Cristina Lemonet Kids


I’m Cristina.

One day I couldn’t find clothes for my little ones that I was excited about… So I started designing them.

After a few months I launched Lemonet, with children’s clothes that the little ones love and that their mums would love to wear too.

(Maybe one day I’ll take the plunge and make adult sizes…).

And if I told you everything is made in Spain?

And that I only use organic cotton so soft that you’ll fall in love with it?

Well, it turns out that it’s possible to make cool fashion that doesn’t destroy the planet.

And since this section is called “About Me”, I’ll go on with these:

  • I was born in a town with the funniest name: Sindelfingen (Germany).
  • Sometimes I have a glass of wine before 7 pm.
  • I studied business administration… poor decision, I hated it.
  • I’m amazed by everything that has to do with the universe, its black holes and all its goings-on.
  • I like chocolate, but not chocolate ice cream.
  • Before Lemonet, I had an event design and decoration company in the USA called Lemon Events.

Oh, and I send emails to subscribers explaining experiences and tips that have helped me with motherhood, which might be of interest to you if you have a little one,

or two,

or three, if you are a superhero able to turn fire into water, among other powers.

You have the link below.

A big hug!