I’m Cristina, founder and designer of Lemonet.
As a mother of two little ones, I decided to launch this brand with the purpose of creating sustainable children’s fashion, locally made, respecting our environment and its future.
After all, sustainability is nothing more than meeting present needs without compromising those of future generations, that is, our daughters and sons.
That’s why, from the beginning, I decide to produce in a nearby workshop in Barcelona, which not only avoids unnecessary contamination, but also favors the local economy and guarantees decent working conditions throughout the process.
When designing the prints and patterns, the goal is clear: a garment that respects childhood, its needs for movement and expression.
How do we know if we have achieved that? When moms explain to us that the Lemonet dress or t-shirt has become their little one’s favorite piece and feels so comfortable in it that doesn’t want to take it off. As simple and beautiful as that.

Cool things you should know about Lemonet:

  • Our items are made in a small workshop in Barcelona
  • We only use certified GOTS organic cotton
  • It’s 100% kids aproved. For a design to be approved, I need to hear from my kids “mom, this is so
  • Lemonet prints are exclusive and full of good vibes.
  • What about the name? I just made it up! When I think of a lemon, freshness and joy come to my

Hence, lemonet, which sounds like a tiny lemon to me