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Cristina Lemonet Kids


Founder of Lemonet

Here she explains four things about her story and the keys to the project.

Sustainable children’s clothing

Our little ones deserve to enjoy a collection of sustainable fashion as much as we do, to share that good feeling of getting dressed in the morning with a fresh and soft t-shirt or dress and feel that caress that brings good vibes from the very first moment they wake up.

At Lemonet we bring you our sustainable children’s clothing collections so that the youngest members of the family can learn the importance of caring for the environment, without sacrificing comfort and originality. Quite the opposite!

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Shop sustainable and organic children’s clothing online

Children are the future, and it is precisely when we think of them that we realise how important it is to take care of the world we leave them. That’s why, with the power of small gestures, Lemonet helps you to paint your mornings with colour and contribute to building a more sustainable future for them.

Our children’s clothing for kids is made in an environmentally friendly way and, as it is distributed online, we can deliver it to your home, reducing the carbon footprint of the process as much as possible.

What’s more, you don’t need to leave home to browse the catalogue! Leave us your email address on the website and we’ll send you our mini collections straight to your inbox as soon as they’re available.

High quality children’s clothing

Lemonet clothing is not only practical and cool: it is 100% approved by the children themselves! No design goes out on the street without the approval of the little ones, because after all, they are the ones who have to wear them and enjoy them.

The simple patterns of the collections and their colourful and exclusive prints are always combinable with each other, easy to wear and comfortable to wear.

List of Lemonet products

On the web you can find a bit of everything, because we have something for all tastes and seasons:

  • Cool and colourful T-shirts, short and long sleeved.
  • Sweatshirts and jackets for when it gets cooler or for the coldest ones.
  • Long or short trousers in Lemonet colours.
  • Comfortable children’s overalls for the more adventurous little ones.
  • Colourful dresses for summer or in-between seasons.
  • Skirts with the funniest prints.
  • And lots of accessories such as sustainable hats, tubular scarves or leggings.
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Care of Lemonet garments

To make your organic cotton garments last as long as possible, here are some tips on how to care for them:

Don’t wash it if you don’t have to

As with any other garment, don’t wash it if you don’t have to, but do so without hesitation when it’s time!

Treat stains gently

If there are large or many stains, treat them by hand with mild soap and lukewarm water. You may not even need to put it in the washing machine afterwards.

Don’t mix colours in the washing machine

Don’t mix whites, darks and colours in the washing machine, and don’t mix delicates with sturdy ones.

Always wash inside out

Remember to always wash your clothes inside out to protect the colours!

Just the right amount of detergent

Use as much detergent as you need, but don’t overdo it. Less is more.

Children’s fashion made in Spain

One of the most important points when working in an ecological way is to reduce not only the use of chemicals or the carbon footprint, but also the litres of water used directly or indirectly. For all of this, it is very important to work locally and not to waste resources on unnecessary transport just to reduce costs.

Organic cotton

All Lemonet cotton is GOTS certified, which means that it has been produced and processed without chemicals or pesticides that pollute the environment and using natural resources in an optimal way. Our children’s clothing made in Spain also guarantees that the related workers are in the best conditions, respecting all their rights and protecting farming families from bad practices.

It is, in short, a guarantee of a sustainable industry, which respects both the land that is cultivated and the people who work it. Good vibes from the raw material.

Local manufacturing

The conventional cotton supply chain is very long and, between its cultivation and the processes that get a t-shirt into your hands, bad practices cost a huge amount of pollution.

Not only are our garments made exclusively from organic cotton, but they are also made locally in a small workshop in Barcelona. This kind of gestures and efforts are the ones that allow your little one to wear a soft, natural and sustainable garment, free of chemicals and that helps to build a better tomorrow.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lemonet?

Lemonet is a children’s fashion brand designed and manufactured in Spain, in a sustainable and responsible way, using only organic cotton, creating garments that connect with children through vibrant prints, comfortable shapes and pleasant fabrics.

Lemonet is a brand committed to the environment, society and the well-being of future generations.

How is sustainable clothing created/manufactured?

Sustainable clothing is created in such a way that during the manufacturing and distribution process the impact on the environment is minimised, the necessary natural resources are used efficiently and the human rights of the workers involved are respected.

What does sustainable fashion aim to achieve?

Sustainable fashion seeks to create quality and durable clothing, whose manufacturing and distribution processes guarantee the rights of the workers involved and do not compromise the well-being of future generations.

This is achieved by optimising the use of natural resources and local, artisanal production.

What are the characteristics of sustainable clothing?

  • Choice of natural fibres from organic and responsible cultivation.

  • Local production, thus minimising carbon footprint

  • Demand-driven manufacturing to avoid waste due to overproduction.

  • Craftsmanship under decent working conditions

Benefits of consuming locally produced sustainable clothing:

  • Reduced consumption of garments with a polluting lifespan and not respectful of workers’ rights.

  • Supporting the local community and economy.

  • Obtaining a quality and durable garment, carefully crafted.

  • Minimising the carbon footprint by eliminating over 7000km of transport compared to garments made in Asia.

Cool things you need to know about Lemonet:

We only use GOTS certified organically grown cotton.

It’s 100% kid-approved: for a design to be part of the collection, it’s essential to hear my children say “how cool mommy!

Lemonet is practical: garments with a simple pattern, comfortable and easy to combine with each other.

Lemonet prints are exclusive and full of good vibes.

The garments are made in a small workshop in Barcelona.